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For your clothing labels , there are many places where you can buy woven labels and custom clothing labels, even online. There are textile labels, hang tags, stickers, bracelets and ribbons that can be personalized online in just a few clicks, labels that are the ideal accessory to promote your brand identity and add a little professional touch to your creations. 

You will be constantly impressed by the talent, imagination and passion that many companies put into creating woven labels and custom clothing labels. By searching online you can find real treasures that will solve your problems and will let you handle them wonderfully. We know that labeling your products is important to you and many companies take this job very seriously.

Your creations deserve the best, and many companies are committed to delivering it to you. Whether you want woven clothing labels, hang tags, or ribbon or some stickers, each design is produced meticulously and with love because your work deserves it!


A good clothing label must be functional and be eye-catching at the same time. Many companies online have exactly what you need! They offer an assortment of fabric labels, hang tags, stickers and ribbons that are ideal for promoting your brand identity. Customizing your clothing labels is as easy as pie with many online creation tools that guide you through each step-by-step process. It is also possible to use your own design for 100% unique labels.


If you sew your own clothes, accessories, decorative objects or more, adding a personalized textile label to them with your logo or your brand name will allow you to increase your brand recognition and give your products a professional finish. This is, among other things, how you will allow your company to become known and that you will remain in the memory of your customers. 

Our tip? Combine textile labels on your products with cardboard hang tags and personalized tape for your packaging. The result? Harmonious and professional combination that will make your product stand out.

If you are simply sewing for your loved ones and friends, adding a small clothing tag with a cute message (such as a sew-on tag that says “made with love”) will show them how much you care and return the gift, something that makes your product even more personal.

Textile care labels allow you to ensure that your creations made with love are treated with the care they deserve by their new owners. Add the care symbols and your choice to them and even text if you want. 

Finally, labels for school can be stuck all over your child’s jackets, scarves and hats so that they stop losing them and forgetting them at school or at the day center. These name tags can also be used to customize a gift for a loved one. 

As you can see, clothing labels are useful in a lot of cases and are here to save your day!

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